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I am back from my Vacation  
I have tons of orders and packages to be shipped  
Thank you all for supporting me even when i am gone !!!

Please give me some time to get back on track and answer all emails. 
I will probably also be shipping packages over 2 or 3 days ! 

I have a lot of catching up to do also with the house and paperwork ;( 

Thank you everyone for your support and understanding !!

I will be going on Vacation with my Family from 12th to 26th July 2014 

During that time i will not be able to Ship any packages !

Last shipment before my Vacation will be this Thursday 10th July 2014

You Can still place orders on my website when i am gone but i will first ship them when i come back!
Monday 28 July

Have a nice and warm Summer everyone !!


Some News About Kato, YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA Workhorse
After Our visit this Year in Japan. We have talked to kato about our Kato knives.
So From Now on We get Even Better FF on our Knives from Kato
And Again We got even better Steel inside of them For same price
Still Fully water quenched one by one Like you see in My Kato video !!!

That extra good steel will give you even more long-lasting Sharpness
Kato- san will not say what steel it is as he ONLY make it for JNS

So here you go Our Workhorse just got better for the same price !!!

Out, razors and Back
I will be out from 15 to 21 May 2014 so i will not be able to ship any Packeges during that time.
However i can answer all your emails :)

And here are some things i put on website :)
Some new Japanese and Spain Straight Razor's is up on website.

Also we got some things back in stock ! :

Big Takashima
Tomo Nagura
Some other Razors is back in stock
Atoma 140
Shigefusa 150mm Kasumi petty

Some Jnats is also got in to Sale Section

And some cool Coarse Jnats is also online
Saeki and Some small Hakkas

Thats it for now :)

Thank you very much for your support and patience !

Back from Gathering
Gathering 2014 is Over. I had for sure some fantastic time with you guys
5 Power days with so much fun talk, Knives stones good food and beers !!
And i am still Amazed that people from so many countries want to gather at small town in dark Denmark Ulfborg
Thank you all very much for Amazing Gathering and super fun time !!
See you again NEXT year.

There was no live stream but many crazy videos on FB and Some crazy pictures

Please give me some time to answer to many emails and orders i got in this 5 days i will try to get back to them as soon as possible. 
I hope to ship out all Orders this week 

Thank you very much for your patience 

Visit to KIYOSHI KATO 2014

On our trip in 2014 We visited Mr. Kiyoshi Kato
Licensed sword smith and knife maker in Hokuto City, Japan
Mr. Kato still make his knives in traditional way forging in charcoal and quenching with water
He also using Sen for his swords as well as his Knives
In the video you will see Short demonstration of making our Yoshiaki Fujiwara - The Workhorse Gyutos
We do not show all process ! Using this old tools to make knives is very labor intensive job!
And Kato usually produce ONLY 1 regular knife in 2 days

Besides knives he is still making Swords from Super Rare, over 200 Years old Tamahagene Steel, that his grandfather and other ancestors collected over the years.

He makes all His knives/swords Only by him self without any help !
I Really hope you will enjoy this video and his knives/tools as well as i do !

Overview from i got back from Japan 

Sorry i did not post much but was busy to get back to all emails shipping packing etc.  and also i have gathering coming this week that i need to prepair for :P 

So here you go small overview :) 

Japan trip 2014 to Shigefusa Family

Ones again i was confirmed how rare and how unique Shigefusa knives is. Shigefusa knives is forged and shaped with traditional tools as Sen and stones by older and younger sons. Then sharpened and expected by Father, With Natural and Synthetick stones.
They take very good time on every single knife they make.
I hope you guys enjoy as much as i do
And i am now even more proud of selling and owning Shigefusa knives.
To see how much work go in to every single knife is Amazing.
With so much work for single knife, Shigefusa knives is a huge deal !!

All stones that i chooses in Japan this time is up On website :D
All of them is bit special as i tested them also there and back here. And took some of the best.
Many Many Nakayamas as they are most important, But also others like Ozuku Wakasa Okudo etc etc.

Knives from the Japan trip is online now
Some Beautiful Kato Hunting knives

And Very cool New rustic Itinomonn Bunka 190mm

You can see them all Here: New Knives

Also there is Some products that is Back in stock
Tomo Nagura
Itinomonn 210 KU Gyutos

I am also in progress of making cool Videos of Kato
That i will post on You Tube when i am finished editing :D

And i am still not finished posting all Pictures on Facebook so keep watching

Remember to Like :D On You tube and Facebook
It gets me in a very good mode

Thank you very much for your pationce 

Back from Japan

Just Came back from my business trip in Japan !!
Good news that i have many Videos and Pictures back from Kato Shigefusa and Iwasaki !!!!

BAD NEWS is that my Main computer hard drive just got Crazy ;( And need a repair. It will take bit time to restore all data. Also it is easter in DK So it will take extra time to ship packeges ! ;( From next week i should ship and respond normaly
I will try to answer all emails as soon as possible. A lot of catching up to do :)

Thank you very much for your pations and support !

Japan trip and Some News
This is the Last Shipment i get from Japan before my trip !!!

I will like to tell you a bit what i will do on Japan this time:
This time i will not go to Kyoto or any Stone shops.
I will only visit Blacksmith that i work with already:

This time i will try to Make Small movies About them and what they do
So that is my Main goal with this Japan visit
Of coarse like always i will learn some polishing sharpening technics there :)

I will be in Japan from 5th April 2014 to 16 April 2014
So i will not be able to answer your emails or ship any Packages at that time.
You will still be able to buy anything from my Web Store, But i will first Ship it when i get home
Last Shipping date before my trip is 4th April 2014

So now to what i got in todays Package :D

Some things is back in stock !!

Wooden Mandolin slicer is Back in stock !
Popular Japanese small Benriner is Back
Cool Japanese shears
Kato 210mm Workhorse Gyuto
Camellia Oil

Shigefusa 195mm Kasumi Usuba is in Stock now !! ONLY one

Asano Naguras
I got very good Size Asano Koma in stock only 2 :P

Some Botan Naguras extra Big

For NEW Stones

2 Very hard Ozuku Koppas

And 2 Very cool Ohira Range Suitas

JNS Trailer
My first ever attempt as trailer maker :D

This Japan trip i will try to make very good videos of Kato and Shigefusa
This is my goal with this Years Japan visit

T-shirts, New Stones and more
I got small package today from Japan

First what is back in stock :)
20 000 Kanyama Strop
All Atomas diamond plates 140, 400 and 600
Big beautiful light Tomo Naguras
Asano Naguras set of 3

I added New category with JNS Gear
New cool Polo Shirts is already in stock ! M-L-XL size

Some cool Aprons is on the way :D

Also i got some stones for Razors
Bunch of Shoubudani type 100, Beautiful fine small Razor finishers

2 Very Beautiful Nakayama san type

And 3 Big Super fine Ozuku for Razors

Also i got some new Rustic meat Choppers from itinomonn
Some of them is send out to Sweden to get New handles on
But i kept some to sell without, if you wish to be creative and make handle your self :D

Annual Sponser Japan Trip
As i alwais do before i go to Japan, is to make some discounts, both to get some more funds for new stuff and to clean up the stock i already have :D

This time i will also like it to be bit fun. 

Discount will Start Today at 5th March 18:00 Danish time 

18:00 to 19:00 there will be 10% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics and Knives 
19: 00 to 20:00 There will be 15% discount on Everything in the Store ! 
20:00 to 21:00 There will be 20% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics
21:00 to 22:00 There will be 25% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics
22:00 to 23:00 There will be 30% discount on ALL Japanese Natural Stones and JNS Synthetics

How long do you dare to wait !!! :)
When something sold out then it is it ! 

That will be last Discount before my Trip to Japan and JNS Gathering 

You have to USE this Discount code at Checkout: JapanTrip 

I will update this code with Discount at given time

Good News
Again sorry to all that i am way to late to respond to all your emails !! :( I am still bit behind with privet and JNS
But i can see it get much better
Thank you so much for your Patience 

I still have One Shigefusa 240mm Kasumi Gyuto in stock ;)

Today i added some new Itinomonn
And found out good News That i got new stock much cheaper then i expected
So now i have lowered the prices on ALL Itinomonn knives !!!

Now they are just even better deal to buy :D

So here are some new:

ALL V2 and SS cladding

2 x Sujihikis 300mm and 270mm

very long waited 270mm Gyuto, i put Big Octagonal Chestnut handle on it as i think it fits much better for this big knife

And instead of our Old Zensho Nakiri and Santoku we made EVEN better SS clad Itinomonn with much better FF then before

Also today i added ONLY 3 Vintage Aotos that i think is super quality !!

And One double sided Maruichi Nakayama for Razor users

Suwada, Shears and Stones
Time to Add new Products to the store :)

I have in long time thought about carrying Suwada Nail Clippers and not it is time.
I got some super prices and now can offer them to a very good price !

If someone don't know about Suwada, it is about the best Nail Clippers maker in Japan
Located in Sanjo, Niigata


Same time i also added Carbon steel Shears made in Sanjo
Can be used in Kitchen or as Pruning Shears

I also got many stuff back in stock !!

Binsui type 30

Clean Blue Aotos

Japanese Fish Scaler

And our Japanese Mortars

NEW Stones

For Knives i got :



And for Razors Bunch of Nakayama Koppas

Thats it for now :D
Thank you very much for your Support !!

Dragon, Hammers and Stones
Got some very cool things today.

First of Dragon Kato, exactly like our Workhorse just with Dragon instead of Kanji on Backside :)

Limited so not many of this in stock

Also restocked some of the cool hammers from Master Masayuki

And some NEW Stones

Super Rare Nakayama Kiitas

Thise 2 is super cool and smooth stones that can be used on Knives tools and razors

Super fast stones

Swarf from this stones is super black

Also single Takashima is in stock

And bunch of inexpensive Shoubudani for razors, small type :)

But very nice and light colors this time

Also i got Rare 90 000 and 80 000 Kanayama Strops back in stock
With 50 000

Itinomonn Butcher

And Big Tsushima Nagura

New products today
Here are some Products i got in the store today :)

First some Shigefusa

Kasumi 210mm Deba, 270mm and 300mm Yanagiba

Also some 240mm Kasumi Kato is Back in stock only 2 this time

Some New Itinomonn

120mm Ajikira

And small Utility knife with wrapped handle

both in White Steel

Also I got some clean Blue Aotos back in stock

And Some Asano naguras set of 3

Thats it for now :D

Back from Thailand
I am back from nice and warm holiday Vacation :D

And it is back to dark Cold DK with Rain and cold.

But with Many new products knives and stones to share, when i get all emails answered :)

Please be patience and i get back to you as soon as i can. If it is to long please resend your email !

Thank you very much for your patience and support

Thanks !!
Last Packages this year is Shipped !!

Thank you everyone for Amazing Busy Year !! And Best Costumers i can EVER dream of !
You keep my dream-job and hobby going for so long :D

I wish you and your Family Happy Holidays ! And Best New Year Ever

JNS is on Vacation from 24 December to 9 January 2014, I will not be able to reply to any emails or Ship any packages during that time !
All Packages will be shipped 10 January 2014

JNS Maksim

Last Shipment this Year
So time for Last Shipment from Japan before i go to Vacation

First a NOTE:

My Last Shipping day before i go to Vacation is this Monday !! 23 December 2013 !!! Next Shipping day will be 10th January 2014

And some News:

Kato Damascus 240mm Gyutos is Up on website (NOTE only 3 ) and they are not with Work hoarse Kanji but Still Super nice !!!

Double Beveled Wa Honesuki is also in Stock Now


And some New stones :D

2 new Hakka is in stock Bit harder and Faster this time !

2 Nakayama that can also be used for Knives

And many inexpensive Wakasas For Razors

Knives and Kitchen Saw
New Knives Arrived from Dan and From Shig

This first 3 is SOLD but will show you Amazing Pics Anyway

Kato 330mm Yanagibi Polished and Sharpened By Shigefusa

Shigefusa 210mm Damascus Kiritsuke

And Western 210mm Shigefusa Handled by Dan

This one is in the Store now Kato 240mm kasumi With Royal White Ebony and silver Bolster
Amazing wood and handle !

And i got Made for JNS new Kitchen Bone saw with Octagonal Chestnut handle
White 2 steel

New Stones and razor Stuff

Added some new stones and many things is back in stock :)

Iwasaki 50mm Kamisori Is back !

Kanayama 20 000

Beautiful extra big Tomo Naguras
Can Also be used as Fingerstones

Asano Naguras both set of 2 and 2


For New stuff For Knives
i got One Huge Atagoyama for Knives 83mm Thick

Rainbow Ohira

Hakka with Range river

Ohira Suita

for Razors there is 2 Super Beautiful Maruichi Nakayamas

Stormy Stone DISCOUNT
While Storm go Crazy Here in Flat Land Denmark
I will do brief Holiday surprise :D

There is 20 % Discount on All Japanese Natural Stones

Discount Code: C61A30AB1C80B67

Expire Date 7th Dec 2013 ( Only one day !!! )

Happy Holidays ! And stay Safe

Shipping Delays
Because of the weather Yesterday and today i have some shipping delays up to 24 hrs.
We got hit hard by hurricane yesterday and it will last through the today too. Up to 47 m/s

So most of the packages will be first shipped on monday !

Sorry for inconvenience

Unusual Razor Stones
Added some new cool unusual Ozukus and Shoubudanis today

This one is Just super clean and maybe Lightest Ozuku Asagi i have seen :) Also extra Big

Again one extra Big with beautiful light Kan patterns and Green/yelowish colors

Also Ozuku more yellow/green color and beautiful waives of Yellow, Very hard stone

Also Mizu Shoubudani very light Asagi that feels super smooth

San Size Ozukus i dont get them that Often anymore :( I love the size for razors and How clean they are no hole or lines at all !

New Stones
First Update on Tomo Nagura
Long waited bright small stones finally arrived :)

They are bigger then my normal Tomo Naguras and Lighter colors and good news is that Price stay Same !!

All are medium hardness
You can even split them and use them as finger-stones :) 

And i got Many new cool stones

Natural Sharpening Stones
Huge Atagoyama quite cheap for that HUGE rock !

Shinden Also very Beautiful stone with nashiji

Ohira range suita Double sided and softer then usual !

And Super Beautiful Uniform Hakka with some Red Spots

And also got some cheap small Stones

Hakka, Shinden and Kizuyama

And Razor Stones:

Nakayama Karasu

Ozuku Koppa

Also Some Wakasa, Tsushima Naguras is Back in stock !!!