Naoki Mazaki san is a new blacksmith located in Sanjo Niigata, He is very young and super talented blacksmith that specialising in Kitchen knives !

We are the first to cary Mazaki knives for us he usses White steel water quenched with thicker geometry then your regular Japanese knife, but still with very thin and extra hard edge. 

For the Edge finish on the knives i have choosed to leave them unfinished, while some knives in Japan finished with sandblasting, buffer, or just regular sander it is very hard to see if knife it self was finished on stones, ALL Mazaki knives however is finished and sharpenned on Japanese stones without hiding it with sandblasting or sander, thats how he get most even edge and easier in the future to thin or sharpen. 

Right now he is training at Kato san to learn more about best heatread and geometry of his knives.

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