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Away in April May

Because of some holidays in DK and some holidays in Japan JNS is away from 27 April to 5th May !! i will still be able to reply to all emails and take orders. But everything will be first shipped 6th May !!

Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays in Denmark so DHL is closed and next Shipping date is Wednesday 30 March

Japan trip 2016

We are going away for our annual Japan trip :) 

To visit our blacksmiths stone dealers and partners. 

I will be shooting some new videos of Toyama, Munetoshi, Toshihirosaku and some more of Kato 

I will be away from 1 to 12th April 

Our website will still be open to all orders, but i will first ship them when i get back ! 

New Year and Christmas Holidays

As always JNS is closed for shipments from 17th December 2015 to 3 January 2016

You can still order everything online but they will first be shipped after 3 January 2016

I wish you Happy Holidays and Amazing New Year

Thank you very much for this Amazing Year !!

Maksim fom JNS 

​Important NEWS

I have changed the Bank so please note that payment with Wire transfer is changed to different account ! 

Also NOW you can pay direct with VISA, MasterCard and American Express on my Website 

Move Back

I am Back :) Ready to work and ship some packages as always ! But first i have some things to do, I will get keys to the new house today and starting the move. So everything will be bit slow this month :( With emails, new products and shipments etc. I am starting on building new workshop with showroom etc. ! But i promise i will make it up to all of my costumers, i hope i can start to open up for Service page ! Sharpening and honing etc. Plus even more products on the page !

So please be patient with me this month and start of the next as we are moving from 2 places me and my GF

Thank you so much for your constant support ! 


I am away for some sun from 6th to 13th October 2015 

All orders in between will be shipped when i get back, i will try to answer all email but they can be late as well. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and support !!! 

I will be back with many new grat stuff :D 

Gathering !

I have Gathering from 25th to 28 September 2015 !! 

There is still some places available

I have more info here:


and here http://www.japanesenaturalstones.com/gathering-v2-2015-september-25/

For more info email me ! 

Vacation !

So I am of to Summer Vacation and leaving DK weather (10 C Rain and Storm) :D 

All orders that is made today will first be shipped when i get back 24th July 2015 

Thank you everyone for your support !!! 

And have a super nice summer ! 

Maksim ! 

Discount and News

First of all i made a new group on FB where you can ask all kind of questions about Jnats- Razors- Knives - tools etc. !!!!

You can sign up here

First day with good weather in DK :D And i go on summer vacation with my Family


10th July to 24 July 2015 so i will not be able to ship any packages or respond to your emails

Thats why before i go i will like to make a summer discount :) So you have something to play with while i am on Vacation

it is in the whole store and it is 15 % :O

Discount is limited to Friday 3 th July from Now on !!!

Discount code is: summer