Mazaki Higonokami 75 mm (folder)

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 Naoki Mazaki san is a new blacksmith located in Sanjo Niigata, He is very young and super talented blacksmith that specialising in Kitchen knives !

He is very very new So i am one of the first to order knives from him, however he have made knives for many years under different Sanjo blacksmiths. 

And have even been trained, coached by Kato and still is ! 

His knives is very hefty and powerfull but with amazing grind that is super easy to maintain

 All his knives is made only by him self one by one !

Higonokami knives is very easy to get in Japan however it is very hard to find true forged and with very good steel and hardness 

I had before Kato, Kunikei and Shigefusa making me some. But now they all refuse to make any :( Because it is quite time intensive to make such a small knife forged and with great fit and finish

For now Mazaki san agreed to make some for me :) And yes they are as good as others i have had !!! Hard quite big for Higonokami and forged out of white steel laminated with softer Iron. 

There will be many more knife from Mazaki san in the future on JNS 

Handles for thise Higonokami is Ironwood and i have handmade them my self, they are all slightly different


Handle material is Ironwood
Double beveled grind
Steel: Laminated White steel (can rust)

Blade length: 75mm
Blade width: 20mm
Blade thickness: 4mm
Handle Length approx : 120mm
Handler width approx: 22mm
Handle thickness approx : 16mm

All knives JNS cary is handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.