Finger-stones How To

After my visit at Sword polisher in Japan 

I have learned so much more about how to use Finger-stones.
So here i will like to share it with you. Just not on swords but on knives or Razors.
What you need:
  • Uchigomori or soft Japanese Natural Stone 
  • Hammer 
  • Very thin tissue paper or rise paper 
  • Waterproof and flexible glue or Urushi 
  • Thin blade to split your stones with 


Try to split your stones as thin as possible with the grain of the stone
Next find the stone you will use. Best without any lines or inclusions 
And start to flatten it, i use 300 grit synthetic stone for that 
Flatten it down to 1mm in thickness and let it dry
After it is dry and clean you are ready to glue it to the thin tissue paper
Let glue dry and flatten it again on Aoto or Tsushima stone to about 0,5 mm 
Important to make it same thickness !!! And size of your finger.
I always cut the canners of because they tend to where out slower then the rest of the stone.
Then lay it on soft wood and brake press it with, so you get many small rectangular pieces that is glued on paper, that way your fingerstone get flexible and can even be used on hallow surface like on razors 
Here is finished video of the whole process :D