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Stones Recommendations

As i get this questions way to often i decided to make this small guide how to choose stones from my website !

First of all as you see i made it easy to choose Natural stones, i divided stones in 3 category: For Knives - For Tools - For Razors 

You can replace JNS stones with other brands if you have them already, Same go with strops and diamond plates 


Lets start with Knives. 

For Knives my recommendation setup will be: 

Full: Atoma 140- JNS 300- JNS 800 or 1000- JNS Red Aoto - JNS 6000- Natural stone Lv 2,5- Natural stone Lv 3,5 or 4 

Medium: JNS 300 - JNS 1000 or 800- JNS 6000 - Natural stone Lv 2,5 or 3 

Budget: JNS 1000 - JNS 6000- Natural Stone Koppa or small size Lv 2,5 or 3 


For Tools: 

For tools i think it is almost the same as for knives that set have worked for my tools as well 


For Razors: 

Full: Atoma 600 - JNS 1000- JNS Blue Aoto - JNS 6000 - Natural stone lv4 or 4,5 - Natural stone Lv 5+ - Must have  Asano Nagura Set of 3- Kanayama Strop 

Medium: JNS 1000- JNS 6000- Natural stone Lv 5+ or 5 or 4,5 -  Asano Nagura Set of 3- Kanayama Strop

Budget: JNS 1000- JNS 6000- Koppa, razor size or Shoubudani type 100 lv 5 or 5+ or 4,5 - Asano set 2 - Kanayama strop 


Hope it helps for some basic stone setup :) 

You are of coarse always welcome to ask me for any recommendations ! Email FB or chat on website