Baba Masayuki Higonokami Togo Reigo 75 mm

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This one is very very Special and Rare collector item ! 

Made by Master Baba Masayuki in Sanjo that if the best hammer maker living in Japan !

He happens to be also very interested in various steels and heat-treatments he have huge collection of very Rare and very old steels ! 

He happened to have some super old stock Togo Reigo steel that was produced over 100 years ago this particular type of Togo steel was only made in Pencil size ( look the picture) 

It was used for cutting steel and have carbon content of 1,5, it is high speed steel 

There is not many blacksmiths in Japan that can  heat-treat that kind of steel as it have very narrow quenching temperature ! 

He made this amazing Higonokami out of this steel ! And fully hand-forged and quenched like honyaki blade ! 

It is not laminated ! This steel is known for super edge holding abilities 


Handle material is Ebony
Double beveled grind
Steel: Togo Reigo high Carbon steel (can rust)

Total length: 200mm
Blade length: 75mm
Blade width: 16mm
Blade thickness: 3,6mm
Handle Length: 110mm
Handler width: 22mm
Handle thickness: 12mm

All knives JNS cary is handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.