Masayuki KU Hunting 130mm

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This Hunting knife is OLD stock and is made by Elder son of Iizuka san in Shigefusa workshop !
I believe it is first time for sale on internet ever !
Geometry, Steel and Fit and finish is same as Shigefusa and have those cool clouds on the cladin :) 
Steel: Swedish Carbon ??? Can rust !
Handle: Oak
Saya: Ho wood 
Approx.. measurements:
Handle Length-130mm
Handle Width-25mm
Handle to Tip Length- 265mm
Heel to Tip Length- 130mm
Blade Height at Heel- 31mm
Width of Spine at Handle- 4,5mm
Width of Spine at Middle- 3,3 mm
Width of Spine 1cm from the tip-2,5mm
Weight- 190g