Minamoto no Masakane Gyuto 270mm

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Super Old stock Minamoto knives , about 50 years plus 

Mono steel Carbon knives 

Minamoto no Masakane was the older company that have made western knives in Japan with Japanese steel 

First knives they made was about 180 years ago and was inspired by French chef knives

I do not know exactly what steel they are made of but by my estimate they about 60 HRC 

Sharpens very well and Get super sharp 


Made in Kanagawa Ken near Tokyo 


Steel: Unknown (carbon can rust) 
Handle: rosewood 

Approx.. measurements:

Handle Length- 120mm
Handle Width- 25mm
Hell to Tip Length- 270mm
Blade Height at Heel- 52mm
Width of Spine at Handle- 3 mm
Width of Spine at Middle- 2mm
Width of Spine 1cm from the tip-0,7mm

All knives JNS cary is handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.