Ohira sword quality Uchigomori lv 3,5 (a1666)

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a Finer Uchigomori

Famous Ohira Uchigomori sword Grade.

Many of them come with many blackness or rust colors witch is not so good as it tend to be to hard ! And can scratch

Also they tend to come not flattened as the sharpener will choose how to flatten them , flat or convex  !

This quality of Uchigomori is super rare !! Very light gray color with lots of range in it ! 

There is no hard lines in the stone so no need for digging ! 

Can be used for polishing knives swords and even tools 

This one is super unique as it comes Flat ! with lots of cool colorings Karasu Renge and pure gray uchigomori color 

Super easy to use and make amazing hazy finish 

sealed with urushi 


Highly collectable stone !!! 

Size: 207mm 72mm 25mm