Yoshiaki Fujiwara 2nd Kiridashi lion gold

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Collector item ! 

This super Rare Kiridashi is made by Katos Father, Kato Shinpei

He is unfortunately passed away at age 92 so this item is very unique and i will not be able to get anymore

This Kiridashi is made 1991 May (Kanji on Backside) 

His work is super popular in Japan !

He made mainly swords, But he had also passion of making woodworking tools like Kiridashi and small knives. 

He was very creative and you see almost all his work with beautiful carvings and small details. 

Steel is Unknown but he did use the purest steel he could get his hand on and it is Carbon steel 


They all come direct from Kato he have more of them in his workshop and i was very fortunate to buy this batch for selling overseas 



Blade length: 60mm 

totall length: 245mm