Iwasaki Kamisori 60mm

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The legendary blacksmith Mr. Shigeyoshi Iwasak was born in 1933 and was trained by among others his father Dr. Iwasaki Kousuke that designed Iwasaki Kamisori also a metallurgist famous for classifying Japanese steels i.e. "yellow paper", "white paper", "blue paper" etc.
He also took part in an investigation of ancient swords and knives kept at Syousou-In, a treasure house built in the 8th century.
When he was not in his forge, he teached technical skills and metallurgy theory to young blacksmiths from Sanjo as Shigefusa and Yoshikane
Now when he is almost retired he and his studnt Mr. Ryoichi Mizuochi making these amazing razors !

Steel: Swedish Carbon Steel
Hardness: ca. 64 HRC
Length total: 183 mm
Length blade: 60 mm
Weight: 65 grams approx.
Grind: Japanese - This razor is for both left- and right-hand use.
Honed and polished on natural stones !!

These razors a total handmade and can vary in size and wight !