Kanekuni Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene E

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Product Description

One of the kind from Sword-smith Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene (mini sword )

Hand-forged with super old Tamahagene steel from his fathers Collection (about 100 years old )

Forged and quenched in Charcoal Oven 

Quenched in water with Clay 

Polished with: Binsui- Aoto- Chu Nagura- Koma Nagura- Uchigomori- Nakayama- Nagui 

Kanji Translates Kanekuni: direct translation 兼=Serve , 國=country 

The Kanji he usses ONLY on his Swords 

Tamahagene Grain and Hamon is very visible and super beautiful just very hard to capture on photo :P 

Custom Made Handle Ebony and silver spacer 



total length: 240mm

blade length: 115mm

Blade width: 15mm

Blade thickness: 4mm 

handle length: 125mm