Kanekuni Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene Kozuka Kogatana 150mm

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One of the kind from Sword-smith Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene Kozuka Kogatana (mini sword )

Hand-forged with super old Tamahagene steel from his fathers Collection (about 100 years old )

Forged and quenched in Charcoal Oven 

Quenched in water with Clay 

Polished with: Binsui- Aoto- Chu Nagura- Koma Nagura

Kanji Translates Kanekuni: direct translation 兼=Serve , 國=country 

The Kanji he uses ONLY on his Swords 

Tamahagene Grain and Hamon will become more visible when polished with fingerstones 

Fingerstones is included 

Comes with chestnut handle buffalo horn, separate  ! 


Collector grade



blade length: 150mm

Blade width: 15mm

Blade thickness: 3mm