Kanekuni Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene Watetsu Kamisori 50mm

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One of the kind from Sword-smith Kiyoshi Kato Tamahagene Watetsu clad Kamisori 

Hand-forged with super old Tamahagene steel from his fathers Collection (about 100 years old )

Forged and quenched in Charcoal Oven 

Quenched in water with Clay 

Fingerstones is included 


This is the only Kamisori Kato Ever Made ! But believe me it shaves as good as Iwasaki Kamisori Even so Ura is not that perfect ! 

Takes amazing edge and it is ultimate Kamisori for Collectors ! As there is no second one in the world 


Comes Shave ready !!


Collector grade



blade length: 50mm

Blade width: 20mm

Blade thickness: 4mm 

wight: 32g