Kanetyo Bone Kitchen Saw

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Kanetyo Custom made for JNS Bone saw / Can also be used as small hardwood Saw 

Can be used for cutting through Bones. 

It is made with similar teeth and extra strong as our Hardwood saw Just bit thicker and better shape and size for Kitchen

I have used my regular Hardwood saw when i had to butcher some wild at home and i thought it worked just amazing. 

The Flex and thin Blade helped me to come in and saw in difficult places.  

Then i decided to make one with Wa handle and bit Narrower blade to use in my Kitchen and Sell here on JNS 

As with all Japanese steel blades you have to be careful and not twist or push the blade to hard as it can break !!!

It come super sharp so you don't need to use pressure or to much force ! 

Steel: White 2 High Carbon steel (can Rust) 

Handle: Octagonal Chestnut with Buffalo Horn 

cutting blade: 240mm

Blade width: 58mm

total Length: 425mm