Munetoshi JNS Higonokami 60 mm Ebony

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This Higonokami Is forged by Munetoshi  with white 2 steel and soft Iron 

Third Generation Munetoshi is all made by 67 years old Kouiti Turumaki. 

He have learned everything from his father and have been blacksmith for 52 years 

He is specialized in white steel and making primarily Axes, Nata and heavy duty blades 


The final grind and shape is made by me those are finished with JNS 1000 and flat grind with micro bevel 

Handle is Made from Ebony 

Double beveled grind
Steel: Laminated White steel (can rust)

Blade length: 60mm
Blade width: 17mm
Blade thickness: 3,4mm
Handle Length approx : 95mm
Handler width approx: 20mm
Handle thickness approx : 10mm

All knives JNS cary is handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.