Nakayama Maruichi Kamisori Kiita Lv 5 (a627)

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Very hard Nakayama Kiita thick gorgeous light colored stone ! 

This one from the deepest Layer as it is super compact and when it is smoothened it have mirror like surface 

Feels super smooth and super fine. I think it is the super fine Nakayama  !

It is super smooth so even it is so hard and fine it will not scratch soft cladding on knives or tools, that is super rare for such hard stone ! 

It is super rare to find Nakayama kiita in this condition even in Japan

For final finish on Razors, Or For Super High end tools as micro-bevel or uraoshi

It have no toxic lines or inclusions at all !!!  

The line on the stone can not be field at all ! 


Knives and Tool users: for experienced users only !


Collector Grade !  

size: 195mm 70mm 35mm