Ohira Range Suita- Lv 3,5

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These White/Yellow Ohira Range Suitas i got as limited stock !
They are very hard to come by even in Japan and very seldom come on sale.
I will rather to kip them then sell them to cheap so thats why price is bit high !
On my trip to Japan i visited many shops and wholesalers of Natural stones and i only have seen 2 stones like that and they was not for sale :)
On my viset to Shigefusa he told me that he have tried many many Natural stones over the years but he choosed only to use 2, both of them was that kind of Ohira Suitas
Non of the lines on the stone are toxic or scratch the knife !!!

This one almost without any lines at all very clean stone for suita !!

Size: 205mm 75mm 40mm