Suribachi Mortar and Surikogi

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When i visited Sanjo i feld over these super nice Japanese Mortars.
I have always used western style Granite mortars before and did not like that stone powder was bland in my food, and they was very heavy
So i have used these Japanese Mortar ever since :D

Surikogi: Pestle to suribachi mortar 24cm.
I feel it is the best kind of Surikogi to go with a suribachi because they are soft enough not to wear down the bowl' ridges as a clay pestle might.
They are made from branches of the Sichuan pepper tree which is not related to peppers or peppercorns, which has always been the favoured material because of the natural fragrance of the wood.

Suribachi: This ceramic grinding bowl h.7,5 cm d.18
Functions in the same way as a mortar, but the grooves help the crushing process without requiring much strength.
It is great for making a sauce or dressing directly in the bowl

I have chosen that sizes because i think it is most useable with extra big and bowl big enough to most common things in the kitchen.