Tanaka Yoshikazu Deba 180mm White 1 Second

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Seconds do not have a warranty and are final sale only !


From Tanaka Yoshikazu in Sakai this amazing white 1 steel blade ! 

Heat-treat and sharpness this knives get is amazing, with this super clean steel it is super easy to sharpen it up on Natural stones. 

It is finished by Mitimoto Nakazima also in Sakai with Sanjo like finish parallel scratches for easy maintains, and sharpened to super thin edge 

It is also super thin behind the edge ! This kind of super thin knives i think is worth having around your knife setup, as it can do some things that heavier knife like Kato or shigefusa cant 

Profile is also different on this one, Higher at the heal but still have very usable tip 

It only have Stamp of the maker Tanaka Yoshikazu and Steel White 1 

Super happy on how they are turned up ! I hope you enjoy it too 



Steel: White 1 (can rust !!! ) Clad with Iron 
Handle: D shape Ho wood handle with buffalo horn 

Approx.. measurements:

Handle Length- 130mm
Hell to Tip Length- 180mm
Blade Height at Heel- 59mm
Width of Spine at Handle- 9mm
Width of Spine Above Heel- 8,5mm
Width of Spine at Middle- 6mm
Width of Spine 1cm from the tip- 3mm

Weight- 400g

All knives JNS cary is handmade and made one by one, so they can vary in size and thickness. Unevenness in finish can occur.