Tanuki Kurouchi Gyuto 240 mm

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Made by well known Sanjo maker that I can not mention (W) but I think all will know as for some knives have his stamp on them, I will sell them as our house Tanuki, Kaeru brand 

We got all of them at ones as some of them is wrong sizes or have small delaminations that do not affect preformance at all ! Only some minor cosmetic issus !! Some have nothing at all ! So please see pictures before you buy ! I Have ofc expected all knives and they will come Sharp ! 


Steel: white 2 clad with  iron Clad (can rust ) 

handle: Ho wood D Shape buffalo horn  



Handle length: 145mm

edge length: 240mm 

Blade width: 52mm

thickness at handle: 3,7mm 

thickness middle: 1,9 mm


wight 170g