Yoshiaki Fujiwara 240mm Kiritsuke Gyuto 馬車馬 White 1

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Special From very Old Vintage stock white 1 steel that we bought for Kato 

Very rare about 60 years old Hitachi Yasuki steel that was made different then now a days, thats why higher price For this Kato 

So heat-treat on these knives compered to other Kato knives is higher !!!



Yoshiaki Fujiwara - モThe Workhorseヤ

These beautiful knives are made by Mr. Kiyoshi Kato, born 1944 in Tokyo. He began swordsmith training in 1964, at the age of 20, and is currently a licensed sword smith. He now uses his incredible collection of very old, and difficult to obtain, Tamahagane steels to form his own sword masterpieces. 

He entered the field of knife making in 1977 by creating his first hunting and kitchen knives, and currently makes knives in his new Hokuto City workshop, found in the Yamanashi Prefecture. 

Mr. Kato uses a special quenching technique, utilizing charcoal and water, which imparts an extra degree of hardness not often seen in regular clad knives.This gives all of his kitchen knives a feel very similar to Honyaki, incredibly stiff with little to no flex!

Steel: Carbon Clad (can rust !! ) 
Handle: Ho wood D handle 
Approx.. measurements: